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Hana Shoes

Leather is natural material that has been used as footwear for thousands of years (the oldest discovered leather shoe is approximately ~5,500 years old!). Leather is durable, and typically outlasts synthetic materials. If you'd like to learn more about synthetic materials, leathers, and leather alternatives, we recommend doing your due diligence! We've done ours, and stand by our use of leather.

Each pair of sandals we create is entirely one of a kind, made by hand, and designed with you in mind.

Our sandals are designed to use the scraps or byproduct from other manufacturers and designs in the strap, in order to reduce waste and repurpose the "excess" or "trash." It's for this reason that each pair, and even each sandal is different (as no two pieces of scrap or leather are the same).

All of our sandals have smooth leather soles that will wear down over time. When first made, these soles are smooth and shiny but with some wear, the soles naturally develop grooves to provide grip.

If you would like more grip from the outset, an easy do-it-yourself option is to rub the soles on a rough surface such as a nail file, gravel or rocks.

We recommend keeping your leather sandals away from water, as much as possible. Discoloration from water and wear is normal in leather.

Our manufacturing partner's craftspeople are paid over the Living Well Line. Additionally, the supply chain is isolated to the western hemisphere: the leather is sourced in North America, the production is based in Guatemala and the sandals make their way to you!